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Certainly biophysical capcabilites need to be prioritized in order for progression as we age. become better than before with McCarthy Training.

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Better Than Before

Example Week Mc Perform


Warm up  Example

3 rds

Banded monster Walk x 10m-side

Front foot elevated splits squats x 8

Dowel Overhead duck walks x 10m

Band Pull Aparts x 15


A1 KB Front Rack Step UP 3 x 8/s

A2 Side Plank x 30 sec

B1 Back Squat 4 x 5 T31x1

B2 Prone Swimmers x 8

C1 Mc MIx

6 Rounds

4 Power cleans @ 135/95

8 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Cal Assault Bike

Rest 1 min

* ensure All rounds are the same time domain


D1- DB External Rotations x 15

D2- Banded Wall slide w foam roller x 15


Warm up - (Not shown)


A1 DB Z Press 3 x 8

A2 Barbell Supinated Row 3 x 8

B1 Gymnastic Skill- EMOM 10

1. Double Unders x 50

2. Strict C2B

C1 Mc Sustain

5 Rds

16 Cal Row

16 Cal Bike

16 Cal Ski

* ensure All rounds are the same time domain


D1 Hollow Hold x 30 sec

D2 Turkish Get Up x 3/side


Warm up  (not shown)


A-  Ev 90 sec for 9 min

Hang Power Snatch

B1- Snatch Pull 5 x 3 @ 100% 1RM

C1- BB Romanian Deadlift 3x 8

C2- Ring Hold x 30 sec

Mc Pain

4 sets

12/10 Cals Assault Bike  (Hard)

15 x Thrusters @ 95/75lbs

Rest 4min


Warm up  (Not Shown)

Ub ST-2

A1 Bench Press 3 x 8

A2 Strict Chin Ups 3 x 8


B1. Front Squat 4 x 6

 (2 sec pause in the bottom)

C.1 Gymnastic Endurance

Ev 3min for 12

10 Cal Ski Erg

5-10  x Strict HSPU

10m HS Walk

8 x Burpee Box Jump over @ 24/20 inch

D1. Core

D1 Pike Off Rower x 15

D2 Overhead Kb Walk x 30 sec /side

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