Week 3


This week I want you to implement this little hack I use to start the day off right. Before bed leave a 750ml-1L class bottle fill of water on the kitchen bench. Upon waking, squeeze half a lemon into the bottle and consumer the whole bottle before any food or coffee! We lose a large amount of fluid overnight and are often dehydrated upon waking.  This is find a great way to hydrate and just make sure feel good for the start of the day.

    Mindset and Training

    Emphasis on Skill Development

    Fit@40 we emphasize skill development in all aspects of our life. Training to improve our functional fitness we must always be mindful in becoming skilful. Being more skilful will ensure a smooth athlete and ultimately expending less energy. Smooth is fast and fast is smooth.

    Stress and Mindset

    Training should not be causing us unwanted stress. Our training should be adding to our life. It’s normal to feel tired post-training occasionally or feeling a little DOMS from time to time. But broken sleep, lethargic, achy, decreased appetite are all signs of stress and possibly overtraining. If this occurs, we need to address the cause.

    If life gets in the way, don’t stress about missing a training day or slightly changing the schedule. Sessions will, at times, be challenging but try to view each session as a challenge and not the obstacle. However, it is ok now and again to turn the clock off and just move.

    Exercising, Training and Competing

    When exercising, you are just getting the work done. No real emphasis on pushing the limits or hitting your numbers. You are just turning up and getting it done. You might not even use the timer for a metcon. Save this mode for when life is hectic or when you are feeling flat but want to get the work done. You should only use this mode 5% of the time.

    Training is the place where the magic happens, and we become skilful. You should try and spend 90% of your session in the training zone. Training emphasises improvement. It is not about getting the best time in an AMRAP but placing a goal for each piece and aiming to train and improve identified parts of your performance. For instance, it could be holding back 5-10kg on your snatch to ensure perfect footwork. It could be aiming to go unbroken on the wall ball to train your capacity and mindset.  Training should be standard for us.

    Competing is when we light it up. You save competing for the 2-5 times a year. That open workout or local throw down. This is where we work out the best tactics and try to ‘game’ the metcon to produce your best performance. Competing is where you leave it all out on the floor. We don’t want to be ‘competing’ every week; no one remembers who got the fastest time in the 4:30 pm class.


    Supplement Recommendation

    I often get asked about supplements and are they worth the money. I prefer a minimalist approach. Read McCarthy Training FIT@40 recommendations below.



    On Supplements...

    BCAAs ● BCAAs offer fuel for the muscles to oxidize for energy pre-workout and as a catalyst to try t0 spur post-workout recovery

    • Freeform BCAAs are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract (GI) very rapidly without significant metabolism (for fuel) by the intestines or liver and thus, there is a significant spike in amino acid levels in the bloodstream to supraphysiological levels very rapidly. This causes another bout of Muscle Protein Synthesis that would otherwise not occur in the absence of dosing free form BCAAs. 

    In short, by supplementing with BCAAs we can more frequently stimulate MPS leading to increased net muscle protein synthesis and improve recovery. 

    • Timing/Dose 

    o 2 scoops pre and post-workout (~10g), 2/3 scoop between meals (~4-5g) 

    • BCAAs on a budget 

    o only take 10g pre and 10 g post-training 

    • BCAA timing 

    o At least an hour between actual meals and BCAAs o It does not change the "meal" recommendations for 3-5hrs between meals, but  BCAAs are not considered a meal so you'll be getting an MPS response via meals and then BCAAs a bit sooner than 3-5hrs 

    • Do you think the efficacy of BCAAs has been proven "beyond doubt" or could one still make a case against them? 

    o I think it's very much in flux and to be fair, I could make a strong argument against them based on "the evidence". That said, the correct studies that need to be done have not been done to either show or negate their benefit and so really we don't know. We have a plausible physiologic mechanism that has been shown in the literature and a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting they help people recover. I find them pretty useful, but not as useful as say, creatine or beta alanine. 

    • BCAA 

    dosing of 3-5x a day, usually. ● Brands 

    o I like Isagenix Amped or Scivation Xtend b

    Creatine monohydrate 

    • Purpose 
    • Creatine phosphate is an energy-containing chemical within many cells of the body and it is present in great concentrations within the muscle tissue. It helps form ATP, which is the energy currency used by cells to do pretty much anything, from ADP. By increasing 

    the amount of ATP in the muscle, you can increase the amount of work the muscle can do, e.g. more weight, more reps, more sets. 

    • Creatine also works to increase the amount of water in the skeletal muscle, which is an anabolic process. It is typical for people to gain a few pounds of water (though not all the time), but remember this is water inside the muscle (not fat) and this is generally a good thing. 
    • Finally, creatine tends to increase the number of myonuclei in the muscle. Myonuclei are the nuclei of the muscle tissue and are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the muscle fibres via protein synthesis. The more myonuclei, the more protein synthesis is possible by the muscle in order to recover from training. 
    • Timing/Dose 

    o 3-5g/ day taken post-workout and non-training days too o any time of the day 


    • Purpose 

    o Increases levels of muscle carnosine, which acts as a buffer to increase the time it takes a muscle to fatigue. I only recommend this if we are a competitive crossfit athlete

    • Dosing 
    • 6g/day split up into 3- 2g doses