Week 2

The guidelines are developed to maximise our performance for you training. The flow on effect will filter into other parts of your lifestyle. I believe that if you maximise your potential in training, you create and develop a high performing body which will benefit you in other parts of your life.  Each week you will be given a new task to implement into your life to become better than before

    Week 2 Lifestyle Hack- Sleep

    As athletes and high performing adults, sleep in the number one thing we can do to improve our performance in the gym and life. Plus there is no barrier to entry. Sleep is free and the benefits will far outperform any supplement . Sleep has a numbers of benefits including:

    Physical repair

    Mental and emotional repair


    Hormone control

    Hunger regulation

    To improve your Sleep let's implement these hacks:

    1) Dark room. Completely dark is best!

    2) Cool room temperature- ideally 17-19 degrees

    3) Regular bed and wake times (even on weekends)

    4) Aim for minimum of 7 to 9 hours per night.


    Burpee Tips

    Burpees. You either love or hate burpees. They were invented in the USA during 1934 as a quick and easy way to test and measure fitness of US marines in preparation for WW2. Since then they have been a staple of many Physical education class, fitness boot camp and more recently with the rise in functional fitness. Regardless of your view of the burpee, they are  exceptional low skill, highly effective functional fitness exercise that we will be ustiling a lot in Fit@40. The ability to get down and off the ground is a basic human function that we lose very quickly as we age. Along with the great functional benefit, a burpee involves most muscles in our body and improves our fitness. Watch the videos below to learn how todo the various burpee variations more efficiently.


    Food Prep Tip

    Coach Ryan will give you food prep tips to crush your mealing planning